Our company was born at the beginning of the 80s in the Casentino Valley, a wonderful place in Tuscany.

Sodima was the result of a close choice, made by a great industrial reality, of expansion of supplies and transport services.

The experience in handling goods, the knowledge of the market, the daily relations with the large trade, make Sodima an ideal and reliable partner.

Our company policy is to understand our customers' requirements and translate them into special projects.

A constant growth, offering the best of advanced services. The sharing of our customers' needs and special plans.

All these things are made with the utmost care in wording practicability analysis and teamwork proposal.
It represents, in short, our philosophy
of work.





SODIMA s.r.l. Sede Legale: Via Erbosa, 5 - 52010 PORRENA (AR) Tel. 0575 500200 - Fax 0575 509900 email:
Sedi Operative: Via Dell'Artigiano, 6 Loc. Ferrantina - 52011 Bibbiena (AR) Tel. 0575 536616 - Fax 0575 593463
Via Dante Alighieri, 26 - 52015 Pratovecchio (AR) Tel. 0575 582791 - Fax 0575 582221